In Game Dev The Game: Inception, you play as Manson - a 7 times employee of the month manager -  that received a message from his boss to save the company from bankruptcy. Your team were the only people left in the building and you have no control over any of them. Luckily everyone likes that weird milkshake. They all hate each other. So much for a healthy work environment.

The TOTALLY intended bugs are seen as features developed by your team.


  • Move: WSAD
  • Interactions : Space
  • The more they get stressed the less productive they get.



Charismatic and very needy. This is Bill in a nutshell. He lightens up the mood in the room, but requires a ton of attention.


Instagram influencer with no real skills. Works part time to pay for the next iPhone. Her biggest achievement was being blocked by the POTUS on Twitter.


A nice old lady that should have retired 40 years ago. I think she's dead.


Failed several times on his e-sports career ("IT'S WHO I AM MOM") and now, with no useful skills, works this minimum wage job.


Claudio Souza - Team lead/Programming

Denis Souza - Art (Check out his work)

Daniel Souza - Game Design / SFX

Quick note: This game as a family effort, during this weekend I had a lot of fun with both of my brothers as we are one of like 10 people social isolating in Brazil

StatusIn development
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AuthorClaudio Davi
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Singleplayer