Tiny Wars

Use WASD to move the camera

Left Click and Drag to select Units

Right Click to move

Victory when you defeat all enemies on the planet

Theme: Tiny Worlds


TinyWars is a 2D RTS where the player needs to conquer other planets to steal resources and blueprints to build better weaponry.

The game will be divided in several planets each containing a different resource that unlocks a new unit type.

Gameplay Mechanics:

- [x] Drag to select troops  

- [x] Right Mouse button to move

- [x] Units have different range

- [x] When enemy troop gets in range they shoot automatically

- [x] Player has a limited troop number. (Slots)

- [x] if Unit damaged it deals less damage in return

- [x] Bigger units ocuppy more slots

Win States:

- [x] All enemies Killed

- [ ] Core Conquered/Destroied


 - Marines


- Marines

- Tanks

The Camera is still a bit wonky and needs a bit of work, but overall it was a fun project to finish. As my second game published ever, I'm happy I could deliver.


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awesome game dude, congrats from brazil